Mornings in the Word

Mornings in the Word

Join us at one of our bi-weekly Bible studies around the greater Cincinnati area! Whether you're seeking to strengthen your walk with the Lord or have questions about the Bible and faith in Jesus Christ, we welcome you to take a mid-morning break with us as we focus on spiritual things!


Find us on MeetUp where we post a schedule of upcoming studies:


Current study series: In Christ Alone

We all want to be invited in: in the loop, in the know, with the "in" crowd--we all want to belong, and we want to be included and involved. This deep need for identity and community comes from hearts with God-shaped holes. Only when we are "in Christ" will we find these deepest needs satisfied fully.

Join us at Cocoon Coffee in Mason for a casual study of reading through Paul's letter to the Ephesians. Each meeting will cover half of a chapter, and after reading our passage a few times we will ask three simple questions: 1) What does it say about God? 2) What does it say about people? and 3) What does it say about me?