Online Resources

Online Resources

We always want to encourage you to come be with us in person. In between your visits with us, we provide these online resources to further encourage you in your walk with God:


Sermons - Listen to our archive of MP3 audio files featuring our two evangelists as well as guest preachers.


Blog - Several members of the congregation write articles to help teach and edify those seeking God and His truth.


Radio Program - Our preachers explore God's word every Sunday morning at 9 a.m. on 1450 AM in the Mason area. Listen to previous lessons in our podcast library.


Bible Reading Calendar - Want to read all of God's word in a year? Here's an easy-to-follow plan that will take you through the Bible in 365 days.


Spanish Gospel Lessons - Would you or someone you know benefit from hearing truthful gospel sermons and lessons in their preferred language?