Are You Ready?

Reading: Luke 12:35-59


When are you most prepared? We often make preparations when it comes to matters that carry a great deal of meaning and value to us, like the birth of a child. We invest in readiness when the stakes are high, such has having extra water and sources of light when severe weather may loom. And we prepare when we have a great deal of certainty that something will take place, such as tax season or an anniversary.


Jesus tells his people that they are to be a prepared people. He compares his disciples to servants who stay dressed for action and keep their lamps burning (v. 35)—while the master is away, they don’t slack off or take selfish advantage of his absence (v. 45) but remain mindful of their role and purpose. The Lord instructs His disciples to be active in His service while we wait for Jesus’s return; he wants us to be ready for that day. A Christian’s greatest care, concern, and hope must be the return of Jesus. The stakes are no less than the salvation or damnation of every soul, including our own. And we have been given divine assurances that this day will come, though we may not be privy to all the details (v. 40).


So how can we make sure that we are ready for our coming King? We must know the Master’s will and be busy in carrying it out (v. 47). Every time you open your Bible, consider what you can start doing, stop doing, or continue doing to keep yourself in the love of God and grow in the work of His kingdom. God has given us time, opportunity, and ability to accomplish His purposes, and so we must be diligent to use those gifts as He intends (v. 48). The promise for those that Jesus finds ready and eager for His return will be eternally blessed with a place at His table (v. 37).