Never the Same

Reading: Luke 5:1-16


Simon Peter was a fisherman. He made his living catching and selling fish from the sea. He knew boats. He knew nets. He knew the ways of the water and weather. That was his life. But that all changed when the Rabbi from Nazareth stepped into his boat. What started as a public speaking opportunity from Simon’s vessel ended with a career-defining catch of fish. Simon recognized the power of Jesus in this miracle and his own sinful inadequacies in his presence, and so he asks the Lord to leave him. Jesus replies: “Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men” (v. 10).


When he stepped from that boat onto the shore, Simon Peter was never the same. A simple fisherman would have rejoiced over his windfall catch, cashed in on the success, and gone his merry way. But Peter, Andrew, James, and John “left everything and followed him” (v. 11). They were no longer just fishermen; they were followers of Jesus. Like a leper having his disease healed in an instant (12-14), these disciples were taking their first steps into a new life: new habits, new focus, new goals, and new relationships.


How much has changed for you since you decided to follow Jesus? Do you remember feeling like Peter: the despair of your own sin, the fear of God’s holiness and power, and the love in His calling through the gospel? Can you look back and see what it has cost you to live as a Christian? Look at how far you’ve come since your journey began, and put your hand in God’s this week as He leads you farther along to greater faith, stronger hope, and deeper love.