A Light in the Darkness

          The United States has been facing Covid-19 for six months, so it is no surprise that people are tired of the virus and its effects to “normal” life. Amongst the many aspects of life changing from the virus, citizens of the U.S are also calling for social equality and police reform. People are grieving loss of life, lack of relational contact, and the lives they once knew that they can’t get back. Whatever the reason for it may be, there has been a lot of backlash and controversy to the necessary change needed right now to combat Covid-19 and further equality in this country. How are you to shine God’s light amongst all the turmoil?

            To answer this question let us take heed from Jeremiah the Israelite prophet. The prophet Jeremiah had visions of Israel’s destruction and coinciding exile to Babylon for 70 years (Jer. 29:10). Even with facing this calamity the Israelites were to have a future and a hope (Jer. 29:11)? Yes! Jeremiah as an individual was not a stranger to struggles either, so much so that his endurance and hope from the Lord had perished (Lam. 3:18,20). Yet Jeremiah should still have hope? Yes! Facing or waiting to face struggles is going to fill us with despair, anger, anxiety, pain, etc. – and it is okay to feel this way.

The reason why there is still hope is because there is always an opportunity to turn to the Lord. The Lord is the source of hope! The Israelites were told to turn to the Lord through obedience and prayer while in exile. God promised that He would keep the Israelites safe and make them prosperous again as long as they turned to Him in exile (Jer. 7:13-14). Jeremiah remembered God’s love for him and all His children like you! Despite losing hope and feeling down, Jeremiah turned to the Lord and gave the Lord all his feelings. God did not save Jeremiah from his physical struggles as he did with the nation of Israel in Babylon. But God gave Jeremiah strength in his heart and soul. Saving the soul is much more precious because physical struggles come and go but the soul is eternal. Which would you rather have saved?

Now that we learned how God’s hope can save, the question at the beginning can now be answered. Due to technology and mail, every day indoors is an opportunity to check on and encourage the people we miss being with during this pandemic. Every day you go out you can choose to love others by wearing a mask for their health and well-being. Every day you have the choice whether to treat people equally or further the expansion of negativity, police brutality, or the culture of diminishing other’s social injustices. Do your actions each day shine God’s light?

Dear Lord, thank you so much for giving us this day to be with the people we love. We might not be together physically in many ways but thanks to you and your glory we have the chance to be together in heart and spirit. We are never alone when we are one with you. We ask that you help us remember all that you have done, do, and will do for us. There is no end to love you have for your people, and so we pray that we may act with your wisdom and discernment each day. Acting in accordance to your will not only helps us shine but more importantly it will help us bring further glory to you. Thank you for us keeping safe, for being with those who are sick during this time, and for being with the professionals who are caring for them. Thank you for helping us and our country grow as people. Please help us look to you and give ourselves to you and your son when we feel disheartened. Thank you for adopting us as your children with your son’s sacrifice. Thank you for your divine power and your commitment to your people. Praise be your son’s name Jesus Christ, Amen.