Agape Love



When it comes to expressing love there is nothing like agape love. In agape love our hearts are unconditionally expressing themselves by our actions. It is without a doubt that the Lord shows us agape love every days of our lives. We know this not only because God made the ultimate sacrifice for us, by sending Christ to the cross for our sake, but then each day He continues to provide for us. Our Father in heaven has always treated us with love despite the cost to himself and no matter how unlovable standards deem us to be. We must reflect on the love we show Him in return.


How does one show God's love? The easy answer is to say that we must abide with God, obeying His teachings and living by His example. The true answer goes far beyond this, because it is one thing to say the answer, but it is another to consistently be this answer. Jesus loved the “unlovable” when he ate with tax collectors and healed sinners, He loved the “unlovable” with how he treated Judas, and that is why we must love the “unlovable.” We can be so quick to label a person or circumstance and let that be the excuse as to why we don’t treat them with Christ’s example. Love is not something you can earn or take away because you determine someone doesn’t deserve it. Love is a God given gift that is and should be unconditional. Thus, we must love as we have been loved by God.


One common issue that prevents us from showing God like love is dwelling on the past. Whether they are memories of the “good ole days” or negative ones, God teaches us to press on. No one wants to be remembered as that person living in the glory days or tragedies from high school because nothing is new under the sun. When the world seems dark or someone toxic, then allow God to shine brighter by abiding with Him. Do not let yourself become a punching bag to your thoughts and others but allow each new day to present growth and change. In stories, superheroes tend to create their own villain. With that lesson we must not let past actions or circumstances dictate how we love today. When was the last time you told a family member that you love them and are proud of them? When was the last time you showed compassion to a stranger or was kind to someone deemed “unlovable”? If you can’t remember today is the day to let God change that!


Inspired by: Philippians 3:1-12, Luke 15, Eccl. 7:10, 2 Tim. 4:7-8, Mark 2:14-17, Luke 6: 27-36, Romans 5:6-11, John 3-16, 1 John 3:16-18