Cultures all around the world talk about honor, each having their own perspective as to what honor is. If something or someone is honorable, they are respected because they represent all that is right. Thus, to earn respect, the young ambitiously try to prove themselves; while the older, due to their experience, demand respect. But honor and the respect it comes with are neither earned nor demanded, it is graciously given to each person by God. 


Every soul has been created by God and therefore is considered a precious child of his. As Christians, we are called to be peaceful examples to the children of God who are considered lost and peaceful uplifting brethren to fellow Christians. This does not mean that we go through life being people pleasers, God pleasers, or just go along with society in order to keep the peace and turn our beliefs into a checklist. But true honor means that we live with spiritual dignity first and foremost. We must be confident enough in the Lord and His teachings to consistently live obediently from our hearts. This will separate us from the world, causing them to lift their eyebrow in curiosity. Not because of our own doing. but because of He who abides and lives in us.


When God abides in us, three important aspects of His teachings we will begin to apply to our lives. These three core qualities are faith, hope, and love. It is easy to say we have faith, but do we believe it and apply it? We each need to have the confidence in God, down to our core. It is one thing to say that God provides and keeps His word, but we must breath it. We might not be able to see His will, we might not like the timing, and we might not ever understand it, but God’s will is always done. And it is His will to see us get to heaven. As long as we have the faith and the will in our hearts to obey, it’ll be sure to happen. Which is why with God we always hope. Not a faint hope like, I will pass the test I did not study for or like kids who hope for a snow day in May. A confident hope, that no matter the circumstances, we are sure without a doubt, that we and all will be okay because God is with us. And last but greatest, is how God helps us have love in life. A love so great that others can know for sure that Christ abides in us. This love Christ gives us should be forgiving, bearing, generous, and a beacon of light in a dark world. Christ is our perfect example of love we should have toward mankind and God’s Word is the key for us to unlock it. Try to live life never forgetting the wonderful gifts we have from God when we are one with Christ.


Inspired by: 1 Cor. 13, Phil. 4:8, 1 Peter 3:5, Titus 2:10, Romans 12, Romans 14:13-19, 2 Cor. 8:21, Romans 2:6-11