As we study the Bible, we will come across many verses that describe the endless love God has for us. By reading these we may gain the awareness of God’s love, but do we truly take this concept into our hearts and believe it to be true? Do we live each day with the confidence that nothing can separate us from the love of our God? There is no coincidence why there is so much dedication to remind us of God’s love. As beings who like to focus on the minute little details, we need the reminder to focus on the bigger and broader picture.


God truly never stops loving us, even if we fall away, have doubts, make mistakes, or are having difficulties. God always loves us and gives us a way that leads back to Him. It is up to us as Christians to have the confidence and strength to take this way. Just as Moses had done in the wilderness. When the people of Israel made the golden calf because Moses had not come down from the mountain, the Lord still was with His people and renewed the covenant with the Hebrews at Mount Sanai. The Lord also never left David’s or Paul’s side as David was in exile and Paul faced imprisonment. The love of the Lord does not mean we as Christians won’t face mistakes, doubts, punishments, pain, etc. But it means that God will never leave us, that the bad times are only temporary and that the Lord always provides a way for us to glorify His name and turn back to Him in any situation.


How do we know that we are on the path of the Lord? Due to Christ’s sacrifice when we are baptized, we are cleansed of our previous iniquities. Thus, we become living temples of the Lord, in which the Holy Spirit dwells. As we study, grow, and mature as Christians, the Holy Spirit in our hearts will help us discern and apply the scriptures to our specific situation that we face. When we listen to the Holy Spirit in our hearts we are listening to God, not relying on our own understanding or interpretation of the what the Scriptures say. This does not mean that we let this fact go to our head nor does it mean that we are never good enough to understand God’s doctrine. When the Holy Spirit guides our hearts, we are recognizing and applying God’s teachings when making decisions. This way God becomes our focus as we overcome challenges we may face. 


Inspired by: Philippians 1:4, John 3:16, Jude, Exodus 32-34, Psalm 5:1-4, Romans 8:37-39