Keeping in Love and Truth




As humans we are all hoarders, whether we believe it or not. Even if we don’t have numerous physical objects, we are all hoarders because we love to hold onto memories, emotions, moments, etc. But when we wake up everyday are our hearts holding onto the love and truth that comes from Jesus Christ?


When we talk about God’s truth, we are talking about the teachings that come from the Bible. We are warned about false prophets in the Bible because all human beings are flawed in one way or another and at one time or another. We are not supposed to be taking a person’s assumptions, opinions, or feelings of the Bible. We should be reading it and living it for our very selves. Take my words, a preacher’s words, everyone’s words of the Bible with a grain of salt. Read His words for yourselves and let them guide your hearts. It is all to easy for our minds to get dragged this and that from others, which is why we need to be rooted in the one and only truth. With God leading the way we can be firm in our belief, confident in our faith, and courageous in ourselves for God. But when we interact with others, we need to remember that anger, wrath and judgement are for God not us. It is important to be zealous for God, but we should be zealous for the love and doctrine that comes from heaven, not from the attitude of humans.


Making sure our hearts are keeping the love of God is when our hearts are focused on him. Distractions are not a new problem by any means, and we can let them keep our focus away from the Lord. It is not a coincidence that Paul wrote one of the most uplifting and encouraging books on love in the Bible while he was in prison. This was only because Paul’s heart and mind were truly focused on God and nothing else. Philippians is a great reminder to us of how powerful the Holy Spirit of God can be in our lives and to us when we have a Godly attitude. When we are keeping to God’s love and truth there is nothing we can’t accomplish, especially for Him.


Inspired by: Philippians 1, Matthew 7:15, Psalm 119:9-16, Romans 1:18-25, 1 Timothy1:3-4, Proverbs 18:2, Nehemiah 9:16, 29, Jeremiah 17:9-10, Colossians 2:8