Like a Child

Some adults in this world claim to contain such wisdom and knowledge that requires the world’s reverence. But there is no wisdom or knowledge that could compare to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He came down to Earth not seeking reverence but looking to eternally save us all. With the wisdom of heaven that surpasses all men, Jesus tells us to be like a child. Because a child sees the world and everyone in it through loving eyes.


Why would an adult benefit by seeing life as though they were a child? For one reason, children are not yet corrupted by the world. No one wants to be the person that has to explain misogyny, racism, prejudice, or injustice to a child. As adults, we are constantly judging the world, creating our own biases of both the world around us and the people in it. We as adults work to overcome the love and trust that a child can have so easily.


Another reason is that a child can naturally understand the will of God. Generosity to a child is black or white: a toy that is coveted by them is either shared or not. When a child is confronted by this situation, they tend to have compassion and choose to share. But generosity to an adult is gray, with the adult logically weighing the costs and benefits of being generous verses self-seeking. Thus, the adult usually forgoes generosity and adheres to self-interest. 


Adults turn to logic and self-interest due to the sad realism of the world we live in. We need to trust God more often and believe that He will take care of us in the end. We need to stop letting social norms, biases, and worldly logic stand in the way of doing what is right by God. As adults, we also need to stop holding onto situations. If we see an act as unforgivable it may stay that way. But a child can let it go, which is why he may hate you one moment then lovingly embrace you the next. We can even lose sight of God’s way by choosing the world’s logic over God’s. It is not a coincidence that God talks about the lost sheep right after He mentions how we should not be a stumbling block for children. All of us must learn to see every soul as a beloved child because only then will we treat each other and ourselves with the respect, compassion, and love that God teaches.


A life seen through child’s eyes, living by God’s standards, and by Jesus’s example is the only way to a happier and more love filled one.


Inspired by: Matthew 18