Last Wednesday was September 11th, a day which many of us will never forget. Let us have a quick word of prayer: "Dear Lord, thank you for giving us this day and for being with us every day. We ask that you please be with the families of those who have suffered from this tragedy and the pain that has continued since then. Please, watch over those who protect this nation and the first responders who are always there to help us. Praise be your name Jesus Christ. Amen."


We as Christians have the opportunity each week to remember the greatest sacrifice ever made--Christ who willingly sacrificed Himself for the redemption of our sins. Christ was our Passover Lamb so that we could be blessed by God under a new covenant. He paid the price for our salvation and was the only one worthy enough to do so. If we want to make sure we honor this sacrifice correctly, we must make sure we are worshiping correctly. We must discern ourselves with the sincerity and truth that comes from God’s word. Where there is Christ, there is no place for sin. The Lord’s Supper is not an act of transformation of the bread and body, but it is a transformation of our hearts and souls. 


There is an old Hebrew tradition where when a man was proposing to a woman, she is given a cup of wine. If she drinks from the cup, she becomes his bride and then he builds a home for them on his father’s land. Jesus is already building us a home on His Father’s land in heaven and is coming back for us. The woman was constantly prepared to leave because her betrothed could come back for her at any minute, just as we must always be ready for when Christ comes back for us. To do this, every day we must live like we are betrothed to Christ, not the world. We must encourage our brethren to act with respect to God, not in fear or hate. And we must worship as though heaven depends on it.


Inspired by: Luke 22:7-16, Revelation 5:1-10, 1 Corinthians 5:7-8, 10:16-22, 11:23-29, Matthew 26:26-29, 2 Corinthians 13:5