A New Song



Are you in harmony with God when you sing hymns? Are you singing for God with both your body and mind? I have found myself in a mindless daze from time to time, or singing with such focus on something that I have missed the point of a song entirely. We are not singing to get swept up in the monotony of just singing another old song, or to be so focused on how we sound that we miss the reason why we are singing in the first place. Worship through song is not about how well we are in pitch, harmonizing, reading words on a page, etc. When we sing songs of praise, it is about God and nothing else.


The Israelites as they had crossed the Red Sea were so amazed at God that they could not help but sing praise His name. Why don’t we see the works from God that are present in our lives? He is constantly working and committing praiseworthy acts. God has blessed us with all that we have and makes sure we are never truly alone in this world; we have more love and help than we can even begin to realize. We should be boldly singing songs of praise, acknowledging all that He does for us. Our God is the One who sits on the throne before all in the universe. He loves us so much so that He sent His only Son to the cross for our salvation.  


God mentions a "new song" nine times throughout the Bible. We have the chance to sing this new song today in order to better ourselves in our faith, in our circumstances, in our daily lives, and in who we are as people. Let us pray as we reflect upon the areas where we can sing a new song:


"Dear Lord, thank You so much for giving us this day and blessing us richly. You have the power, the authority, and the glory to bring light to the darkness in our lives. If anything is worthy of praise, it is You. You have given us the opportunity today to reflect on our lives, and to sing a new song in the areas that need it. You alone can give us the strength we need to accomplish this goal despite any obstacles we may face. We know the love You have for us is holy and good as we remember the humbling sacrifice You and Your Son have made for us. We will never forget and will do our best to praise You with the love and respect you deserve. Amen."


Inspired by: Psalms 9:1-14; 33; 40; 95:1-7; 96; 98; 144; 149; Isaiah 42:9-10; Revelation 5:9-14; 14:3; Colossians 3:15-17; Ephesians 5:15-21