Two Gifts from God

This past Sunday we talked about the endurance and strength God can give us. This isn’t the “I can now bench press a car" strength, nor is it the endurance that means you can now run across the country like Forest Gump. But it is the strength we need to overcome the headaches and negativity of a bad day; and it is the endurance to smile and spread love, not anger, in those moments. 


The best part about having faith is that when you wake up every morning you can be thankful about today. The beauty of another day that has been given to you to strive to do better, for others and yourself. It gives you a purpose and a calling so when you don’t feel like getting out of bed you have the option to talk to our God and be thankful rather than disheartened, since you have opportunities to smile and spread your joy (God’s joy) to the world. 


A true, eye-opening story that was shared on Sunday was that of running a 5k during cross country. At mile two the storyteller was describing how the race was starting to wear on him, especially the fact that he still had one mile before the finish. Yet, in the distance he saw someone running to him and realized it was his teammate who had completed the race already. When asked why he was there, the teammate responded that he ran back so they could finish together. Imagine being tired, growing weary, and ready to give up on life, and someone comes back to for you. He makes your burdens lighter and is there with you every step to that finish line. 


Except we don’t have to imagine. Someone is there day in and day out, making sure we do not feel alone and that the next day is in fact within our reach. His name is Jesus and he gave his life for us so that God is in fact with us. We can’t physically see Him, but He is in the heart of every believing and obedient Christian. Many people fail to see Jesus because of circumstance, life's busyness, burdens, etc. Let us ignite that spark and help them to see the Runner who came back for them; let us be that runner in their life. If you are feeling burdened or have anything weighing on your heart, know that the people of West Mason and anyone who are apart of His body would love the chance to help with that, if we can. You are not alone!

Inspired by: Matthew 11, Hebrews 12, Galatians 6, James 1, Psalm 46, Isaiah 40, Philippians 4, 2 Corinthians 1.