Trusting Day to Day


During his second-to-last week on Earth, Jesus did something very interesting while he was surrounded by a bunch of parents with their little children and babies. He blessed each and every one of them and even told his own disciples to stop hindering their progression. Why would Jesus spend some of his last moments doing this? Well, throughout our lives, everything from the seemingly insignificant to the biggest events are going to happen; but throughout all these moments, are we truly trusting and leaning on God in our hearts?


The beauty of children is that even despite having their moments (don’t we all), when their life seems troublesome or its most grand, they are trusting and persevering. A child might have a moment of spiked emotions, but after some authority, comfort, and/or persuasion they are usually back to their normal happy selves. As adults we must remember that we are not the end all, be all authority and when we need comfort there is somewhere to turn to: our Heavenly Father.


When someone in the next lane over on the highway almost runs us off the road, don’t turn to anger; we should try our best to turn to God and say a prayer of thanks since everyone ended up okay. If we are getting ready to head out the door and the dog is making a mess, the phone is ringing, chaos is ensuing all around and we just need a second--let us take that second to say a prayer for wisdom and discernment before proceeding. Life may hand us a beating, but we should remember how Jesus did not test his Father upon Satan’s request in the desert. Instead of saying “Why me?” or “Well, thanks God!” sarcastically, we should genuinely thank the Father for another day in which we can use Him to rise above and shine!


This will not always be easy for us, but as we pray we must believe. Because when we do, it will be given to us. We have so much proof to believe God hears us: not only do we have the Israelites as our example from long ago, but we also have God’s oath to us through the blood of His one and only Son! Let alone the fact that we are living and breathing each day is proof that He is there giving us the opportunity to lean on Him, improving our lives in the process. If our lives today can be improved, just imagine what an eternity with Him will be like. If there is anything you need, turn to God, seek help, and you will be amazed.

Inspired by these verses: Luke 16:10, Mark 10:13-16, Matthew 4, Hebrews 1:14, Psalm 91:1-16, Exodus 29:44-46.