Power of Faith

Laodicea, Berea, Sardis, Derbe, Cyrene. Forgetting about how to pronounce these names, do they mean anything to you? Whether you are Christian or not, can you picture who or what they might have looked like? What they represent? These are some of the names of the first century churches that resided in the Middle East within decades after Christ’s crucifixion at Golgotha (Calvary). The reason why these names are important is because of faith.


The early disciples such as Paul faced what today might feel like insurmountable obstacles to spread the message they wanted told, the teachings of Christ. Such obstacles include: torture, persecution, disease, and bandits. Today traveling over a mountain or desert can seem like a long and annoying journey by car or even plane; try doing it by donkey or by walking with all the harsh weather conditions and possible outcomes of death! By boat or on foot, it could have taken months if not years and potentially hundreds to thousands of miles trekked to get to your destination, sometimes only to be ran out of town.


As a Christian, does this not inspire you? As a non-Christian, isn’t it worth at least listening to a message that not only inspires people to accomplish such feats but also helps them through it?


To the Christians who are reading this, I urge you to remember the help you have from God and the blessings He has given you in this life when you are facing trials. Christ shed his blood for you, making a new covenant with God for us so that we can become His loved children. These early disciples faced so much so that we can have the knowledge of Christ with us through the Bible. Do you seek help when you need it? What are you studying in order to grow in knowledge? What are you doing for God this week?


For those who have yet to be baptized in Christ, what trials are you facing today? Would you feel better knowing that you can face those trials feeling loved and content in your heart? If you have any questions or interest in learning about God, His church and faith in His Son, please reach out to us at West Mason. If you want to start with your own personal study, the book of Acts in the Bible is a great place to start in regards to the early church.