Unshakeable and Unleavened

Historically there is a reason why we eat unleavened bread at the Lord’s Supper table. This is because unleavened bread was a remembrance for the Israelites that God was with them and quickly got them out of Egypt. The reason why it is unleavened bread is because they didn’t have time to wait for the bread to leaven as they fled Egypt. This helped to remind the Israelites that they are God’s chosen and how He takes care of His people.


For us today, the unleavened bread we eat symbolizes a remembrance for Christ’s sacrifice and how God saved us by that sacrifice. With the second covenant made from Christ’s blood, God did not save one group of people from a nation, but He saved all of us from the most powerful enemy we have: our sin. God’s love for us is unshakeable, it is not conditional, and is unbelievable because He made us, has never forsaken us and even while we are still enemies of Him, He deems us worthy of being saved. Beyond all that He gave up His only Son so that we could be saved. The Lord’s Supper is first a remembrance of his Son, but it also undeniable proof that He is unconditionally there for us every day.


I wish that we could say He is always our first priority in return. When bread is leavened it is raised due to a yeast fermentation, an ingredient-based chemical reaction. The reason why leavened bread symbolizes impurity is because other things are being added to the bread: air bubbles, alcohol, or other ingredients that cause the leavening. It is always easy for us to be distracted from Him. But during these crazy times, we have to be even more vigilant that it does not become even easier for us to be filled with the anxieties and fears going on right now. 


Now more than ever is the perfect time for us to remember the true definition of being a Christian. Let us use this time dutifully to spread Christ’s light and teachings to those who have never heard it and let us indeed use this time indoors to further strengthen our relationship with Him. God has put us in this time of technology as a great way for us to stay connected and encouraged by each other. As we go throughout this week let us remember to be unleavened, courteous, and kind like Christ; let us use our technology to further glorify Him.


Inspired by: Jeremiah 12:5, Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 62:8, 1 Timothy 1:3-7, Romans 5:1-5, Psalm 42:1-5, Philippians 4:7-9, Hebrews 12:25-29,  Isaiah 54:9-10, 1 Samuel 1:15, Deuteronomy 16:3, 1 Corinthians 5:6-8, John 6:32-33, Matthew 16:12, Luke 12:1