Our Hearts


A man is running through an airport with his friends and bumps into a blind girl’s apple cart while he is rushing to his flight. His friends make it to their flight but, feeling compassion for the girl's plight, he tells them to call his wife when they land because he is going take a later flight. The man picks up all the apples as the blind girl is frantically trying to feel for them with tears running down her face. At the very end he calms her down and hands her $50 for the damaged goods. As he goes to leave, she asks, “Are you Jesus?” The man tells the girl, “No I am anything but Jesus, he is kind, caring, and loving and would not have bumped into your cart in the first place.” The little girl informs the man that she prayed for help and that he was the only one who stopped to help her when the cart was bumped. She thanks him for listening to Jesus and answering her prayer.


This is a fictional story, but I feel it conveys the heart we as people need to have. We have opportunities every day to help encourage others. As Christians we are supposed to be like Christ and at least we should be considered good people. One way to achieve this is by following His teachings as it says in Matthew 15:16-20. If we put as much Jesus into our hearts and souls as we can, then what we are going to become is more like Him.


Another good example of this is in one of my favorite movies, “Spirited away.” A river spirit comes into the bathhouse all polluted and looking and acting like a monster. Unafraid, the heroine in the movie puts in hard work and cleanses him like never before. Our spirits and souls can be cleansed of the sin and harshness of this world if we do our diligence and seek out Christ. Or we can be consumed by the negativity of this world and become the very monsters we say we despise so much. The question becomes, do we want our hearts to be filled with Christ or do we want to fill it with the world?


Inspired by: Matthew 15:16-20, Proverbs 25:3, Titus 3:3-11, John 7:37-38