No Day Like Today

Reading: Luke 13:1-17


Imagine spending 18 excruciating years of your life bent over and unable to stand straight. While our imaginations can carry us only so far, it’s safe to say that you would not delay in accepting any form of relief or healing. This was one woman’s reality, and Jesus offered her complete and total restoration! But notice what the ruler of the synagogue says: “It’s the Sabbath; come be healed on any other day” (v. 14).


Jesus makes it plain how hypocritical and ridiculous it would have been to make this woman wait for the miraculous healing that he offered her right then and there (vv. 15-16). What may not be as plain to us is how foolishly we put significant matters off for another day. We prefer to kick the can down the road instead of dealing with issues here and now. God gives us time to seek and serve Him, but the parable of the barren fig tree (vv. 6-9) shows us that God does not give us limitless time to make these important efforts.


Leading into this parable, Jesus used the horrendous news headlines of his day to impress upon his hearers the urgency of making spiritual matters right: “unless you repent, you will all likewise perish” (v. 5). Turmoil and difficulty in our own lives may have the same effect: hard hearts may need a jackhammer or earthquake to soften them to their deepest needs. Whatever your life looks like right now, today is an opportunity to repent of sin and to bear the fruit that God expects in our lives. Use your time today to seek and serve the Lord Jesus, and he will make you stand tall.