The Fork in the Path

            Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken”  narrates a hiker agonizing over a diverging path in the woods. In the last stanza of the poem, the hiker foretells not being able to recount his story in years to come without letting out a big sigh. The reader is unable to tell if this sigh is one of weary or relief. Looking at this poem from a Child of God’s perspective, however,  it would be safe to say that the sigh is for both reasons. Matthew 7:14 describes that God’s path in life is like that of a narrow gate. Few will choose to walk the path because the path is hard, but it will lead to everlasting life.

            Throughout our lives, sin is going to tantalize us with the easy path. Sin will attempt to deceive us by using persuasive arguments and placating our individual desires. Pilate succumbed to sin’s persuasive argument in John 19:12 because he was an idol worshipper and desired Caesar’s love over God’s. Yet, God’s children can also be deceived by sin. In Gen. 4:5-7 Cain’s desire to be recognized as superior to his brother created the opportunity for anger and jealousy to develop. When sin is fully nurtured in a person’s soul, it leads to all manners of death (James 1:13-15).

            Sin will make us feel like we are gaining an immediate benefit with no detriment to us when in fact it is separating us from God. Genesis 4:7 describes sin as, “crouching at the door”. Sin is like a stalking predator that waits for the opportune time to strike its unsuspecting victim. The idolatry of work or money are great examples due to their desirability and inseparable utility in our worldly societies. Isaiah 44:9-20 gives a good description about how people can use some of the resources God has provided for sustenance,  but then carve the rest into an idol. Money can get carved into our hearts as the first priority in our lives when really it is God who truly supplies us with all that we need.

            As children of God, do we see the diverging paths and choose to walk with Christ on the road less traveled? The path of God is an eternal benefit to all who walk down it because momentary gain is nothing compared to the glory that would await us in Heaven. Take time to reflect on your motives and see if you are currently walking toward eternal righteousness.