The Aroma of an Incorruptible Love


The sense of smell is very attached to a person’s memory. The reason why people put on deodorant is so when they make a first impression they aren’t remembered as, “That person who needs to take a shower.” Humans tend to avoid being in situations that involve a bad smell. This is why you see no one willingly going up to a skunk to hug it. Whether intentional or not, people and animals can leave behind a physical and emotional “bad taste in the mouth.” God, however, is the divine being who created us all. The only smell that God leaves behind is an aroma of incorruptible love and righteousness. As God’s children we shouldn’t be giving off an odor that is to be remembered. Instead, we should be a fragrant love that leaves a lasting impression on another’s soul.


What are some reasons that can lead a person’s love to become offputting? For starters, humans tend to view solely as an emotional state that can come and go as it pleases. Thus, it is common to hear that a love has gone cold because the emotions are no longer present (Revelation 3:15-22). Love also can become tricked and twisted by another person or other ideals. In the Bible this had become the fate of the church in Thyatira who allowed their hearts to be turned away from God (Revelation 3:20-21). A person can also give up on love (Revelation 2:4) or have a love that is focused on pleasing others rather than God. Lastly, the love in a heart that is meant to be like a big sturdy tree can wither from being strangled by “roots of bitterness" (Hebrews 12:12-15). It is the reason why many describe bitterness as, “drinking deadly poison but expecting someone else to die.”


In essence, we begin to act like love is dead when we take our hearts off love Himself. Love is not some emotion that can come and go because love is God Himself (1 John 4:8). When you align yourself God’s teachings and Christ’s example, you are also aligning yourself with the principles of love (1 John 4:7-21). During His whole life, Christ perfectly exemplified love by humbling Himself as a servant, having compassion, and sacrificing Himself on the cross. Christians are supposed to be doing their best to imitate the service, sacrifice, and compassion Jesus showed to God and His fellow man. Since love is the personification of Jesus’ life, God, and the values that God teaches, we can be confident in the knowledge that love can never die. With effort and compassion, love for God and others can always be rekindled.


This week consider meditating on the love that God has blessed you with. Keeping that in mind, what is the aroma that your love gives?


Inspired by: Luke 6:32-36; 2 Corinthians 12:12-17; Romans 12:1-2; 1 Peter 2:21-24