Bearers of God's Flag

When you think of a flag, you most likely are thinking of a rectangle with various colors and layouts used to display one’s presence, represent or incite emotions, and to get an overall sense of unity and identity. People might not think of flags this way too often, but God also flies a flag. It is not a flag of shapes and colors; rather it is a flag comprised of Himself and His eternal love for all people. 


In the book of John, the author clearly states that God is love. God’s flag is undoubtedly His love because: God’s presence is love, He represents all that is lightness and good, His love incites emotions of what he represents, and God’s love is the only love that can unite all people and give them their true identify. If that reason was not enough, God’s love for mankind is strong throughout the Bible. In the Old Testament God showed right from wrong by using commandments, discipline, and the Israelite’s example. Under Jesus He showed love through compassion and sacrifice, which lead to the redemption and salvation for everyone. God’s faithfulness has always been for His children and that includes you! The question is not whether God’s flag exists, but whether you want to be someone that raises His flag and displays it properly.


To display God’s flag properly the first thing you need to do is open your heart to God. Once you accept God you must then make His standards become your own. Many times, people take this to mean we must for go all our other self-identifiers till the only one left standing is a follower of Christ. In one respect this is true, as you must forget the sinful values, goals, and identifiers of your old self to follow God’s standards. But, to truly have God in your life you must not only forgo your sinful life but also fly God’s flag in addition to your other identifiers. This means that instead of being just a mother, a husband, an American, a businesswoman, Hispanic, or a Christian, you are now a Christian mother, a Christian husband, a Christian American, a Christian businesswoman, a Hispanic Christian, etc. The two compliment each other and only with the two of them can you glorify God and bring out your best self in the areas you identify with.


Flying the flag of God in your life is a continuous journey. Mistakes will be made and growth will be constant. But God’s love and forgiveness knows no bounds. Will you choose to raise His flag high or let it fall beneath your feet?


Inspired by: Matthew 5; Romans 6:15-19; John 17; Exodus 17:8-16; 1 John 1:5-10