“These are unprecedented times.” The human has expressed and heard those words a lot this year since January, and in a certain respect it is true. But you should never give in or give up because you will always have hope. You can always have hope because you will always have God. God is known as the God of hope for a reason, and you will only discover it if you go to His Word to read it.


When it comes to endurance through trials one of the best examples of the old Testament is David. The beautiful aspect of David writing down most of the book of Psalms is that anyone reading them can see his heart. The anger, frustration, sadness, etc. he had for his situation is evident to see. The best part about this, though, is that David was giving these emotions to God. Think of the book of Psalms as one long prayer, and because David is giving his negative emotions to God, God can comfort him. Endurance isn’t for how long we can take the pain or bury our emotions, but it is giving God all the burdens and emotional strife so that you can find comfort and peace through trials.


Think of comfort and peace as your mom kissing your wound as a child. Your mom is not physically healing the scrape or making the pain go away. But in that moment, you are giving all your hurt feelings and physical pain to your mom, and it is her love and comfort combined with your choice to lean on her that takes the pain away. Just like your mom and a wound, you must be like David and choose to give God all your physical and emotional burdens. If you give God all your burdens, you will find comfort and peace in trials.


Another important aspect to enduring trials is obeying God and His teachings. In the New Testament, Christ teaches that His followers need to have compassion and to put God and others before yourself. During the crazy times this year, everyone has the unique opportunity to spread Christ’s teachings. Instead of being fed up with having to wear a mask or social distancing, focus on why you must do them. These precautions help other people live! They might be a momentary struggle for you, but for others they are everyday life, virus or not. You have the choice to either prolong their suffering and yours, or to put others first and bring an end to everyone’s struggle quicker. Which choice glorifies God and spreads His example? What example are you showing others?


Inspired by: Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 55; Matthew 5:13-16; Psalm 125, 131; 1 Peter 4:19