Being A Maker of Peace


When you look at sin, it is tempting to take out the personal accountability for the evil sin causes in the world. Common ways you might remove personal accountability is by self-justifying, justifying others, or by shrugging off ungodliness for various reasons. Consequently, it becomes second nature to want to marginalize the victim, become self-centered, or have a desire to put distance between yourself and the situation. All of these are ungodly because they deemphasize compassion and remove our personal accountability as a child of God, people who can make peace. 


As a peacemaker, it is essential that you actively grow in your understanding of compassion. Compassion requires you to understand that the outcome of a decision is determined by the heart of the individual making it. It is impossible to know another’s heart, thus during compassion you are actively seeking to understand another person’s heart by engaging with them. This is done with patience, humility, and love, not by casting blame or judgement because human hearts can be swayed easily. It is important to note that you are stronger when you show compassion because you are actively trying to grow in your love and understanding of others, which only leads to growing in your love for God.


 It is a person’s relationship with God, or lack thereof, that will direct a heart toward good or evil. Compassion is essential to living peacefully because mutual understanding only leads to mutual benefit. Since God is the source of compassion, you will discover peace when you discover God. Once you discover God you will begin to truly realize that every person is a cherished child of God. This makes every human equal and accountable when others fall victim to the consequences of sin.


Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmed Arbery are three recent victims of this sin-filled world everyone is a part of.  Everyone has an opportunity and a personal responsibility to spread light and love from their heart instead of evil. You might be asking yourself, what you can be doing right now to help and spread light? You have your answer right in front of you, because you have THE answer. The Word of God is the light that leads to peace, and you can be giving it to others. People often talk about wishing for world peace. Ironically, the world has always had the answer, which is God. Yet, there is not world peace because people have not chosen God. What will you do to shift your heart toward God?


Inspired by: Ephesians 2:1-22; Philippians 4:4-9; 2 Corinthians 5:14-16; John 14:27, 16:33; Colossians 3:9-14; Matthew 5:9; James 3:13-18