Being a Body in the Body


As the year comes closer to an end, we spiritually should be reflecting on this past year. Have we progressively grown our relationship with God each day? Do we trust Him more as this new year dawns on us? And are we truly using God’s grace and gifts with him in mind?


Christ’s mercy and grace have given us all the opportunity to have eternal life if we seek Him and that is the ultimate gift God has given us. In His perfect wisdom He has granted us all entry into His spiritual family so that in this world we will never truly be alone. When we put on Christ through baptism, we become a part of His family, united by His blood with a common purpose. To serve Him in all that we do. How do we do this and what does it mean to us individually? 


We individually serve the Lord when we use our unique talents, opportunities, and life not for ourselves, but for Him. If you discover that you are great at baking, how do you go about using this gift? Do you use your talent for money and accolades only? Are you using you gift to bring joy to your family and others? If you do make money then will you use it to give back, if so, how? Maybe you can’t use your talents right now, but you are blessed with opportunities of time. Will you volunteer your time to help others? Will you study the Bible and pray? When it comes to serving the Lord individually it is not about us, our achievements, what we can gain, or even what we can or can’t do. It is about how God loves us and blesses us so much and how we can pay that forward to others in the moment.


We are so blessed and loved by God to be united with Him and a whole world full of Christians that are likewise. We are a part of a worldwide family that is so much bigger than ourselves. We as individual Christians get to contribute to it. Being a part of God’s family means we put ourselves aside to come together to the common purpose of spreading God, His Word, and His love. In this family we actively seek God to discover our hidden gifts so that we can grow together. We spend time praying and learning about one another so that we can help and encourage each other. Because when we encourage one another and grow more confident in God that is when His love will ripple into a wave. Everyone will benefit from God, to the church, to us, and the community. But it all starts with our heart’s relationship with God and if we apply that zeal within our church family. As we forge ahead into the new year, let us not get distracted, weary, or complacent in our spiritual lives, but zealously blaze the path for spiritual growth.


Inspired by: Romans 12:3-8, Acts 2:37-45, 1 Peter 4:8-11, Eph. 4:11-16