Seeds and Souls

In life, there are innumerable opportunities we have to sow and to reap. By planting a seed in the people we come across, we will have to live with the consequences thereafter, whether they are for good or bad. Every human being is important because they have a soul given by God with a purpose in this world. God gave us freedom of choice, so if they do not accept God that is up to them. Our job as Christians is to be the best example for God and to plant a seed that God will grow according to His purpose. The world is going to do all it can to make us feel alone, unimportant and even unworthy. We must do our best to remember this purpose God gave us and to remember that no matter how bad the world may seem, if we adhere to God and His word, we are always worthy and loved.


One major character trait many famous character villains have is looking at others as lesser beings, a means to an end, of no value, etc. As we meet others it is important to remember their humanity as Christ did. A good example is one from a TED talk that was once given by a father who was tasked with the challenge to personally thank everyone who was involved with the making of his coffee. From grower to the coffee being poured, many people took his genuine gesture as a hoax, and the barista even said the worst part of her job is that more often than not people don’t even acknowledge her existence. In the rush to their job, she is a means to an end, their much-needed coffee.


When you make a mistake, it will not be easy but don’t be afraid to repent to God and to take responsibility. It won’t feel easy but the results will be empowering beyond belief. Even the person who cuts you off, doesn’t hold the door, takes your spot in line or makes any other "little" transgression is also a human being. Before lashing out, try to think if harm was truly done, and try to consider what is going on through their point of view. They are not villains with no humanity or dignity, but they are souls created by God who have a purpose and make mistakes just like us, so seize the opportunity and plant that seed of love and God.


We also have the pitfall of painting ourselves as villains or people unworthy. Remember: God made you unique! You can become a sower of seeds with the special life and talents you are blessed with. Love resides in your heart, so don’t let yourself or the world convince you otherwise to do good or turn a situation into personal growth. There are already a limited number of laborers showing the love of God to others; let us not lose one more. If you need encouragement or help, this is a reason why we were given fellowship and a whole spiritual family around the world. Just think of all the people who are there, wanting to help you, show you love and encourage you. Just as we are not to be punching bags for others, don’t become one to yourself. God is a source of love and light too powerful to describe in words. If you would like to know Him better, if you have questions or need hep in any way, please let us know!

Inspired by these verses: Matthew 9; Acts 2; John 4; Ephesians 5:15-20.