Prayers are such a special part of this world. It is shedding a burden while also sharing a light; very few things can compare to this feeling in the heart because it is one aspect of love at its finest--God’s love, to be precise.


Many people in this world will try to deter you from the power of prayer. I know this to be true, since I used to be one of them. But through prayer the seed of God in my heart was planted and encouraged to grow. Just knowing and seeing people you have never even met, and people close to you that day to day you may take for granted be wishing you well from the bottom of their soul is inspiring. For any Christians reading this, never ever stop praying. Know that when you pray it isn’t always an immediate result. Like anything else, with prayer practice makes perfect.


Each one of us has a life and perspective unique to anyone else, and with this each one of us is a unique gift upon the world. Do not discredit the gift God made you to be and the blessings He bestows upon you. And do not discredit your own part in the joy you can bring to yourself and others through prayer. Christ unites us all. To read more on how unique your contribution is, 1 Corinthians 12:12:27 is a great place to start. But now let us finish off this article in prayer!


Dear Lord, thank you for making us unique so that we can each leave a unique mark on the hearts we come across. We thank you for Christ’s sacrifice so that we can be led by you, Lord, to become a light in a world that can seem so dark. You deem us worthy with deeds by You that it seems we could never come close to repaying. The best thing we can do is to become more like Your Son. With our faith we know that can be accomplished. Thank You for blessing us with the opportunity to see this world through Your eyes and Your perspective, and for protecting us and those that we love day in and day out. Thank You for Your love and for the being the example that we can strive to be. Thank You for everything and please help us to remember the beauty You’ve put into our memories and the love You’ve put into out hearts and lives. Praise be Your precious name Jesus Christ, Amen.