The Sweetest Drink

Have you ever had something happen to you that irks you to your very core? You can’t eat, sleep, or focus on anything but the issue until it is resolved so that way your heart can once again be content and merry. Upon reflection, it may be reasonable to say that most of these occurrences are minor, silly, and it is almost laughable how annoyed we all got over something so tiny.


Last night, I went to play a computer game I recently bought with some friends, and as I went to play the game for a third time it no longer worked. After just spending $30 and convincing my friends to buy it with me, I was not only worried the same issue would happen to them, but the “more important issue” was, why wouldn’t the silly game work like it was supposed to? I had a mini panic attack and tried every troubleshooting tip imaginable; I scoured the internet frantically looking for hope and finding none. My wife saw the bummed look and disappointment on my face and graciously did her best to reassure me that it would all be okay--especially because we had a great Valentine’s Day weekend to look forward to.


Long story short, having the good moments ahead being pointed out to me gave me a reality check. Because of that, the night ended up with laughter and fun talks till we fell asleep to start a new day, instead of grumpiness and frustration.


Why don’t we always remember heaven and go through life this way? We can easily become annoyed at a situation(s) which, in turn, will affect our mood the rest of the day--or even days! I implore you to read John 2 and reflect on the sweetest drink we have been offered--not a material drink, but spiritual revival: the fact that at the beginning and end of the day I get to wake up and go to sleep with Christ in my heart, who at the end of every day blesses us with so much love and happiness in our lives and gives us every opportunity to realize and enjoy such.


The craziest thought is that all the good you have in this life won’t even come close to what awaits you in the next--if you decide to embrace Him, that is. Reflect on the sweetest drink to you in your life right now, and let the Lord uplift you by going to Him for your spiritual nourishment. If you need prayers, help, questions answered, or anything so you can see your blessings and come to know Jesus, let us know: seek help and make it right with Him!