The Power in the Blood

When reading through the last chapters of the gospels, it is hard to comprehend the ghastly nature of crucifixion. We have a detailed account such as in Matthew 27 and John 19 of all the pain Jesus endured on the day of his death. Being beaten with a crown of thorns piercing your head, being mocked, spat upon, hanging by nails through your hands and feet, thirsty and starving in the hot sun, etc. He went through this willingly, and whether you are a Christian or not that is something beyond worthy of admiration, especially upon knowing that he went through this and died for you. People make jokes about not wanting to suffer the pain of a papercut or stepping on a Lego for someone else, yet he willingly was crucified for us all.


It is comforting to know that I am loved and cared for so much so that another being on this Earth went through so much pain for my sake. When going through trouble and strife, we can be confident knowing we are loved because of Jesus. Upon his death he became a mediator between us and God so that if we believe and we sin we can have a means repentance. Jesus truly is the Light of the world and he can be the same in your life. By God’s word and Jesus’ example, we are given the means to not just survive this life through our pain and suffering, but to fully live it as well, to see the blessings and the good that lies beyond the darkness this world can bring to our doorstep--even beyond our individual selves when we understand we are given a spiritual family in His church. These are people going through life and struggles just like everyone else who choose to believe in the power and love God adds to our lives. The encouragement and support this brings can sometimes feel overwhelming but when we embrace it, it is an indescribable joy.


If you have not yet embraced this love and power, we at West Mason would appreciate the opportunity to show you Jesus and answer any questions you have. If you already believe and need prayers, encouragement, or support we’d love to be that for you as well. God Bless!


Inspired by: Matthew 27, John 19, Hebrews 9