Why Not Tonight?


Have you ever been in a situation where you felt strongly about expressing a thought, pursuing an idea, or taking action, yet you did not see it through? Now how often does this happen in our spiritual lives? We may feel unworthy or downplay ourselves and God’s authority and power, thus forcing us to a confined box of limitations that keeps our spiritual lives from growing. Sometimes we feel pressure to a one-way mindset. But is that based on society's standards, or God’s?


We as a society also cherish the phrase “there is only so much time in day.” Too often we constrict our opportunities and motivation right off the bat without realizing it. While we are in our cars, do we listen to a Bible on tape or music? Do we decide to take a few seconds to say a prayer of thanks before we get ready for bed? Do we remember to treat those serving us (waitress, cashier, nurse, etc.) as people where we can plant a seed of God or just as a means to an end?


As humans beings we also know that we are not perfect and that we will have moments in our lives where we will fail or not be biblical. But do we take the time to study and prepare ourselves for those moments of failure? Do we see those moments as a justification to become self-deprecating or as moments to repent, study, and seek help?


I have had moments in my life where I have spiraled down or made mistakes. We may hear that we have help, that we are not alone, but in our hearts we have to know it and believe it. God has the wisdom to help in His word; He gives us the chance to relieve our burdens in prayer, and He gives us an abundance of love in our lives. If you see you need to make a change(s) to improve your spiritual life and yourself as a person, now is the time! If you have not embraced Jesus Christ as your savior, talk to anyone in our church and ask as many questions as you need--don’t be afraid. We are never promised tomorrow, which is why we are lucky that the Lord has given us today. And today is what we should focus on.

Helpful verses: Colossians 3, Matthew 5:13-20, Matthew 6:33-34