For us in this world, there is always one inevitable fate that none of us physically can escape: death. Two of the best reminders of this eventuality would be a graveyard or a museum. Both represent a time of the past that leaves unanswered questions in the present. Where are they now? Did they have regrets? What kind of people where they? These questions can scare us, but the most important part about life and death we must remember is God and His son, Jesus.


Jesus being the son of the Almighty conquered death when he rose from the grave and bestowed the Holy Spirit upon the world to those who are willing to follow him. It is through his sacrifice and his resurrection that we too can conquer death. The first step one needs to take to follow Jesus is to take Jesus into their life and heart through baptism. In baptism we accept Jesus as the son of God; we are submerged in water representing the forgiveness of our past sins, and we accept the responsibility and maturity that comes to living a life obedient to Christ’s teachings and God’s will.


After baptism we must strive to be consistent regarding that responsibility. Baptism can seem daunting in the responsibility, and we may very think we are not worthy to make such a commitment. The indisputable fact, though, is that God sees us as worthy, so much so that He sent His only son to die a painful death so that we may be saved!


God also does not leave us after baptism. He is in our heart all day, every day, thanks to the Holy Spirit. God has given us the Bible as a guide, and He lets us speak to Him in prayer at any time. With these gifts in our hearts, we can learn to embrace our command to love Him and others to the best of our potential. This is what it means when it is written, “love drives out fear.” It does not mean we won’t ever be afraid or make mistakes, but it means we have a way to be reconciled and a way to triumph despite them.


It is up to us to plant the seeds of the gospel in others for God to grow by serving the living word. This is done through consistent study and practice of the Bible in our lives. God will judge others in the end, and only He can soften hearts allowing the seeds to grow. We must not be forceful or so worried that we take away from the power and authority He has over all things. But, it is also our job to use our gifts and knowledge to recognize mistakes made by others and ourselves. When we do, we repent and pray while being a source of encouragement and light according to the Scriptures, not our opinions or emotions.


Now let us take the time to pray for others in our lives and for the repentance or actions we need to live a more godly life. Because a godly life is one that leads to contentment and triumph!


Biblical references: 1 Peter 4, Matthew 7, Matthew 25, Romans 13, Ephesians 5, 1 John 4