One Day to the Next

What’s the first thought that comes to our heads after we wake every morning? Is it the shining sun, is it the bad weather, or is it everything we have to get done that day? It is easy for us to get stuck on life and even lost in it. Thankfully for us, we are blessed to have a God who is merciful and just, one that protects us from one day to the next.


Learning about God’s love and discipline is what can help us stay focused. At times the Israelites got distracted by life, which is why the Old Testament can be very helpful as well. (As a side note: this is why I love The Bible, it is as consistent as it is beautiful.) 


What can we do to stay guarded against sin? Baptism is a great start to this process because when you are saved in baptism, you also accept the awesome duty of being a living temple for the Holy Spirit. Colossians chapter 3 has great guidance for a new Christian. It starts off mentioning how we are brought up in Christ, how we set our sights to more heavenly than earthly sights. We do this by putting to rest all the earthly actions we once did: sexual immorality, lying, idolatry, greed, jealousy, etc. Just as important as ending our old behaviors, we must accept the new ones as well. We must “clothe” ourselves in kindness, forgiveness, love, humility, and patience. When we combine both practices, it is then that you will find peace.


Leaving with this thought, when we wake up tomorrow morning are we going to wake up praising His name and thanking Him in prayer? When we go throughout our day, will we decide to give thanks to God in all that we do in both word and deed? (Colossians 3:16-17, Psalm 118:24)