Get Rich or Die Trying

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.


It's what I want more than anything. The reason I get up in the morning. What fuels my conversations with those closest to me. What captivates my thoughts throughout the day and what commands my focus and priority.


I want to be … rich!


Yeah, I said it.


I said what all of us want and won't say out loud. I mean really, who doesn't?


But let me ask you a question: would you rather have the money to buy enough food to feed five thousand people, or the power to multiply a single lunch into enough for them all?


Money is singular. By itself, we would work ourselves to death neglecting our families and life's wonderful gifts to get it (Proverbs 23:4), constantly worrying about protecting it from thieves, inflation or unscrupulous investments (Matthew 6:19), and relentlessly having anxiety and insomnia, wondering if we've saved enough, for now or retirement (Luke 12: 24–34).  On its own, money is an awful reward.


So, I want more than money. I want true riches!


I want the abundant life – the rich plentiful life in knowing God– Jesus promised in John 10:10. I want the peace that passes understanding (Philippians 4:7), the happiness regardless of circumstance (Philippians 4:12), the faith that His hand is on what I do, and the opportunity to be with Him in complete perfect happiness, making this life worth every heartache and disappointment.  


But just like money, it doesn't come just because you would like to have it. You have to work. You have to use what you are blessed with now to get to the reward. And if you aren't going to be shrewd with what you already have - multiplying it like the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30) - then don't expect to see an increase.


Don't fall into the trap, thinking if you only had more you could do more.


We have exactly what we need to get rich

We have all the resources required to seek after and attain true, lasting riches.


We have the most valuable resource of all, our time, to spend in study, worship and fellowship. We are blessed with earthly riches which, regardless of size, God can multiply to an overwhelming blessing for the giver (Malachi 3:10-12). Spiritually, this means our personal and powerful testimony can help and encourage others and our abilities to put in service to Him.


No matter what you think of your skills, you have a unique gift to share because there is no one exactly like you.


The spiritual song verse, "There is room in the kingdom of God, my brother for the small things that you can do; just a small, kindly deed that may cheer another is the work God has planned for you" is a constant reminder that anything, and everything, we can do helps us on our path to spiritual richness.


We are enough to be rich

We don't even need to fix ourselves with self-help first. We can come as we are.


Maybe like Peter (when he denied Christ), your past mistakes cause you shame (Matthew 26:69-75). Or maybe like Moses, you aren't eloquent (Exodus 4:10). But wherever you are on your journey, no matter your "disability," God has made you qualified to do His work and able to inherit His riches, just by being alive.


How do I know? Because God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called (1 Corinthians 1:27-29). 


So believe that what you are is enough. You can be used. You are talented. And any spiritual riches you want more of, your Father will gladly give you if you only ask (Matthew 7:7).


Again, you are enough.


What we need is focus

One thing we do need is focus.


Ask any entrepreneur: when they decide to start their own business, it consumes them. Even when they are working their day job it is in their thoughts. They are meditating on it, making plans and formulating ideas. They put all their efforts into this one basket because it cannot fail. They will not allow it.


We don't need more time, money or anything else to pursue holiness and seek God. We just need to want it more than anything. Time and other resources will magically become available for pursuing true riches once we decide it is a priority.


The Bible says that you cannot serve two masters, as you will love one and hate the other. You may not hate your job or your family, but your pursuit will rob from every other aspect of your life until it is realized. So make sure that what you are pursuing is what you really want.


Have you decided what you really want?

How are you using your current blessings?

Are you multiplying them in good pursuits and showing yourself trustworthy of true riches?

We have the tools. Let's not be so poor that all we have is money.

If it's true that a good friend is better than a good paying job, then let's befriend the Best Friend around!


Start today with one small step. Spend an extra 1% of your day--that 15 minutes--studying or talking with the Lord. Encourage or pray for someone. Decide to give a little more this month. Let's show God that we are making good use of His blessings and are ready for more.