The Light in Us

Right now, we can easily view our lockdown as a lack of opportunity in many ways. But I encourage you all to no longer see this time as a lack of opportunity but as an opportunity to be creative in your physical and spiritual lives. We are blessed to have a break from our routines and change our way of thinking--just like David. 


Imagine being King David with friends and riches one day, to having your closest friends and son betray you, depose you, and seek to have you dead the very next. David could have easily blamed everybody else and God for his situation and gotten consumed by depression or anger. Instead, he used the time in exile to take responsibility for his previous actions and grow himself spiritually and personally. David not only reflected on his past but also wrote psalms to help grow his faith and focus on God during his hardships. He had his moments of emotions just like we all do, but he quickly turned himself around and put the focus back on God. 


God is the only Being who could truly take David’s burdens away--and ours. If David had not leaned on God to be his strength, he would not have gotten through his circumstances, let alone grown from them. Just like David, we should be using this time not to be caught up in our own circumstances but to grow by leaning on God. Before the lockdown we might have complained that we never had time to do study our Bibles, take on a new hobby, or to reach out to family and friends. Walk with God and take advantage of our time now to do so.


Another person who took advantage of his negative circumstances was Paul. Paul used his time in prison as a time to preach the word of God to others and encourage his fellow brethren in letters. Because Paul leaned on God, he was able to be content and focus on the blessings in front of him, such as preaching to pagan Roman guards, writing to build up the early churches, and praying. Rather than succumbing to his circumstances, Paul used his time in prison for God.


We too can focus on God by using our time in “prison” to help others. We can use technology in a way that spreads love, be generous to others in need (financially or in supplies), send cards, and more. We have many opportunities right now, especially to focus on God and others. To seize these, we must be willing to set our hearts and minds on God, His teachings, and the opportunities before us.


Inspired by: 2 Samuel 16:5-14; Philippians; Psalms 41, 55, 3, 120-134, 23, 19; Matthew 5:14-16; 1 John 2:8; James 1