In His Hands



We all at one time or another have read the verse or heard the phrase that we are in the palm of God’s hand, but do we truly believe it? Many times, when life is going great, we are the first ones the first to say: “Amen!” Yet, when life goes bad, we are so quick to doubt and lose hope. We begin to ask ourselves: “Why would God forsake me? Where is God? Doesn’t He hear my prayers? Does God no longer care about me?” God does care and is always watching over you. 


We know God is present and caring as we read the story of Lazarus. We know God always cares because Jesus wept for his death, despite Jesus knowing He was going to bring Lazarus back from the dead. Jesus even stayed two more days so that He could show comfort and love to Mary, Martha and Lazarus. We know God was present because Jesus told the disciples this in John eleven, verses twelve to fifteen. Just because God didn’t prevent a bad thing from happening doesn’t mean He does not love us or care. It just means that we have yet to realize or see its higher purpose.  When bad things happen, we need to ask these questions: “Do we truly believe that God is stronger than the world? And do we trust Him?”


We are human, we are going to have moments of questions and doubts. What makes us Christian, is that when we have those moments, we will turn to God and believe. With God we always have hope. Even if we can’t see this hope, we need to still believe in it because, “…Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” We also must be aware of when we lose hope and feel alone because God gave us a spiritual family, a family, and friends as help. But due to societies focus on being independent, we have a habit of saying that we are fine and turn people away.  God knows us and may send multiple people in a day to check on us or help us. Yet many times, we are too distracted by our problems and quickly dismiss help. Thus, we begin to think God no longer cares about us.


This week let us not be the sheep who are being snatched up by the “wolves” of the world. But let us be united with God both as individuals and as a family that encourages one another. This way, we will not walk away or become distracted from our relationship with God, but ever stronger because we have embraced it.


Inspired by: Isaiah 43:1-3, John 1:47-51, 1 John 4:4, 2:8, John 10:12, 28-30, John 17:20-23, John 11, Isaiah 43:15-17, John 20:24-29