Giving Thanks

When taking a look at the Psalms in the Bible, it is fascinating to know that these songs used to be sung at special moments to the Hebrew people, such as Passover. Growing up as a Hebrew, Jesus would have been singing the same exact Psalms we can read today. It is unfathomable to comprehend the faith put behind these words. As we read Psalms 113-118, let us be reminded that the at times the world may indeed push hard, but with this faith and the Lord of All behind us we can push back harder.


This faith in His power over all situations we may face is by no means an easy task. But we were given these psalms as one of many resources when we need that reminder. As we struggle, we do not have to feel alone as we have the love and faith of 66 books, a world-wide church, friends and family, and so much more at our disposal. When we see another human being who can smile despite hardship we have a tendency to believe we can’t achieve the same thing. They must be superheroes or have something we don’t. We forget that these are also people like us who have gone through similar feelings and struggles as we do. The only difference is that in that exact moment they are making a choice that seems hard to us. They choose to let their adversity be their ticket to shine toward victory. 


As these psalms mention, we too have that choice. We can embrace the love and power that endures forever. One way to accomplish this is by being thankful. No matter what we are facing, good or bad, we can choose to be thankful for that moment: either as a blessing in a opportunity for growth and understanding or as a direct blessing itself. The word “hallelujah” means to praise Yahweh. This is exactly what we must do and His love in return will see us through anything. Let us give thanks!


Dear Lord, thank you for granting us love and strength that can endure forever. Thank you for this day and the people we love. Thank you for teaching us that we can be better through the situations we face. You give us so much and we are so thankful; help us use these resources to help You shine no matter what. I will call on Your name for it is only through You that I can have deliverance. Through Christ all things are possible and by You all things have been and will be. Hallelujah! Praise be your holy name Jesus Christ, Amen!