Are We Worthy?

One day we may wake up and ponder about our worthiness. We may question if we are worthy of the blessings we have, the life we live, or even the quality of who we are as people.  Before we get to deep into that rabbit hole of discouragement, I want to stop us all right here. Because we are worthy. Not because of anything we have done or any successes we may feel we had in life so far, but because Christ says we are worthy.


Let us let that sink in just a minute. The Being who created everything from the grand universe we can’t imagine beyond our Earth, to the very ants we think are peons beneath our feet, to the very atoms of air we breathe, calls us worthy through His Son. That is a beautiful thought, is it not?


Just as we have a choice in deciding if we are going to believe in the gift His sacrifice has given to us, we have the choice of living a life with Him. If we live a life with Him in our hearts and minds, we do not need to ask ourselves if we are worthy anymore because we know He loves us. The question that we then need to ask is, are our lives truly being lived as servants for Him and others, or not? How do we view success? Rather, how should we view success?  Is our success determined by the way the world perceives the people we should be and by the titles or successes we have gained, or is the true meaning of success determined by how we choose to put on God in every situation we may come across? Do we allow Him and His will to be perceived by others in these situations, or are our material concerns and goals the only things being shown?


We must not believe that we are not loved and that our worth is limited by worldly things such as our status in our career. We are worth so much more than that. We all have areas we can improve in our lives to focus more on others and on God. We do not know what tomorrow--or the next second--may bring, but we all can say that we have this very minute to commit to be better. Is the benefit we can gain not worth the effort? Take this minute to say a prayer and to be thankful for the opportunities we are given to “own our every day.”


Inspired by: Galatians 2:20; Philippians 4:8; Matthew 6:26; John 3:16-17; Philippians 1:27