Benefit of the Doubt

From time to time this world has a funny way of helping us lose sight of who we are and how we should act. Sometimes it is in big things like a loss, and other times it can be as simple as a coworker with a bad attitude. As the weather is warming up, I encourage you to spend time as a family or on your own to just sit outside, taking in a deep breath and enjoying this wonderful world God has made for us.


As we go through life it is easy to forget that the girl who is talking while driving, the secretary who is being rude, etc. are people who have a soul and a heart just like us. They aren’t intentionally seeking to annoy us or ignore us or ruin our day. And just like we do, they are people who make the same mistakes. It is important to fill your heart with Christ and be as much like Him as we can; not only will we be able to let it go, but we can also be the example. If someone is having a bad day and takes it out in you or is being oblivious to you, as long as no one was seriously hurt then what better way to be the reminder in their lives that they are loved.


We won’t get it perfect all the time because we are human, so there is no pressure or reason to beat yourself up if you make a mistake or two along the way. But that isn’t an excuse saying that if you need to make a change in your life you don’t need to. We all have things that we need to work on and we also make mistakes, but we don’t need to dwell on them forever and ever. To help us remember to put others first let us read the first 18 verses of Philippians 2 and think of someone we need to treat better in our lives and do it.


Inspired by: Philippians 2:1-18