Last night we had our scripture and song service given to the Lord. I would like to take this time and give a prayer to the Lord for all He does:


Dear Lord,

Thank You for blessing us each and everyday. Thank You being with the ones we know and love who are sick and going through struggles. Thank You for putting love into their hearts and blessing us with their presence in our lives. It is because of Your Son we are blessed with so much, and it is because of Your Son that we come before You today thankful for all that You do. Thank You for all that You and Your Son have done to get us to this point, and thank You for taking the time to listen to our prayers each and every day. We love You! Praise be your holy name Jesus Christ,



This month we are focusing on the Author of our very lives and souls for which we are blessed so much. It is by Christ’s sacrifice we are bathed in holy blood that lets us be sons and daughters to the Father in Heaven. We all endure trials, but is it because of those trials that we are able to be better than we once were and to learn and grow. It may not seem like it at the time, but in every trial we face there is a way to be cultivated for holiness and for a peace that is beyond our understanding. And in every trial we face there is a glimpse of hope. A life made better because of the memories we share, the trials we overcame, the love that is in our hearts--all these blessings come from God and all these blessings we have because of Christ. Remember you are loved like a daughter and cherished as a son by our Father up above who makes us all equal in stature and who disciplines us for our own good all the same.


As it says in chapter twelve of Hebrews, we must “lift” our drooping hands and “strengthen” our shakey knees so we may be healed. Maybe not physically, but definitely spiritually! It is with the Lord that we will find forgiveness and peace, and He disciplines us justly for our benefit. Reflect upon the life you have, and if you need to make a change do so. Now is the time; we are not promised tomorrow. If there is anything we at West Mason can do to help you understand our Lord better, please let us know!


Inspired by: Hebrew 12